Broad Street Dental Care is situated just past the post office

Address: Broad Street Dental Care, 29 Broad Street, St Helier,  Jersey, JE2 3RR.

Telephone: (01534) 866900


Practice opening times

Monday:-          8-30 am to 6-00pm

Tuesday:-          8-00 am to 5-30pm

Wednesday:-    8-00 am to 5-30pm

Thursday:-        8-30 am to 7-00pm

Friday:-             8-00 am to 4-00pm

Saturday:          8-30 am to noon (by arrangement)


Emergency Contact

During working hours – Please call the practice on (01534) 866900 as early as possible in the working day so that we can offer you an appointment on the day. However, no matter what time you call, we will endeavour to offer you a mutually convenient appointment time so that you can at least achieve relief from pain.

Outside working hours – Please contact Nick on 07797-730899 (or send a text message if no reply). If Nick is not available, please call the practice on (01534) 866900 where you will receive advice regarding the practice on-call arrangements.


Messages for less urgent matters can be sent to the practice at nickoharedental@dentallymail.co.uk and we will respond early on the next working day.

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