More than just “a good clean-up”, visits with the hygienist are also an opportunity to provide you with information and coach you to a higher standard of oral health. Whilst Jayne is able to expertly remove debris and calculus (tartar) which is likely compromising your dental health, she will also offer tips and advice to help you improve your own cleaning (if necessary). The idea being that you have the knowledge to enable you to care for your teeth as effectively as possible between your routine visits. More information about gum disease is available here.

Owing to the fact that some patients needs are greater than others, we offer hygienist appointments of differing length and also will recommend different intervals between appointments. In this way your treatment is tailored to your needs and as your self-care improves we can modify your hygienist programme accordingly.

Direct Access – As a result changes in the law, it is now permissible to arrange hygienist visits without having to see a dentist beforehand. Please contact the practice if you would like to arrange such a visit. Your initial visit will need to be at least 45 minutes, so that a full assessment can be made (including your medical history)  in addition to the treatment offered.

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