For Adults:

For over ten years, Nick has been delivering great results for adults who have been unhappy with their smile. This might be due to the re-crowding of teeth after orthodontic treatment as a teenager or indeed a problem they just didn’t get around to fixing when they were younger.

Using a variety of techniques including Simplysmile,  Secretsmile and positioners similar to Invisalign, problems can be solved without friends or family being aware that you are having treatment. This is achieved by clever technology and planning which enables us to focus on the specific areas of concern.

Secret Smile or Lingual braces are hidden from view as the braces sit on the inner surface of the teeth.

 It takes a few days for your tongue to get used to the brace but thereafter they are a highly effective way of moving teeth and often the best way of achieving certain movements. Nick has been providing lingual brace for over ten years and finds that adults particularly like the system as treatment can proceed without friends or colleagues noticing that they are “in-braces”.

If you would like more information and/or to find out if you are suitable for lingual braces, please arrange a consultation with Nick mentioning your interest in lingual braces when booking.

For Children and Teenagers:

Nick has over 20 years orthodontic experience treating children using both removable and fixed braces. His main objective is always to achieve a correct alignment of teeth and jaws whilst avoiding the need for extractions. To achieve this, an assessment at age 8-9 is often beneficial so that certain problems, can be diagnosed at a time when early treatment can have its greatest benefit. Fortunately, most children do not need to start treatment at this age but ongoing monitoring every 6-12 months is essential to ensure that treatment can start at the most appropriate time. Nick’s belief is that treatment should not be unnecessarily drawn out and so when it does start, he will most often use the Damon system ( which is enhanced using Insignia , a computer-assisted design and manufacturing process which helps reduce the time in braces.

Before starting treatment, it is important that the patient is aware of two things. Firstly the need to keep the braces and teeth really clean so that tooth decay doesn’t develop on the tooth surface around the brace. It would be a pity to solve one problem, only to replace it with another. Secondly, orthodontists now agree that the best way to ensure long-term tooth stability after treatment is to wear retainers permanently. Most commonly the retainer is a thin wire glued to the inner surface of the teeth, it is unobtrusive and usually only requires periodic maintenance to ensure it remains effective.

Fees for orthodontic treatment can be paid over the duration of treatment, usually by a monthly standing order payment subject to an initial deposit as treatment starts. Please book an appointment for an initial orthodontic consultation with your child to discuss with Nick what might be best for them (20 minutes).


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