We offer tooth whitening as a great way to enhance your smile and improve your confidence. In our experience, the at-home/tray system we provide is the most predictable way of whitening your teeth and arguably the best development in cosmetic dentistry ever. This is because although the results are often impressive, the process does no damage to your teeth and can even improve gum health.  It can be repeated if required although it’s best if this is not too often. The process has been extensively researched and shown to be safe and effective. As registered dental professionals we are permitted to supply tooth whitening gel formulations as part of our kits that are between 10 and 60 times more concentrated than those available across the counter.

The technique is only effective on natural teeth and so fillings and crowns will not change colour. If you have teeth with bridges, crowns or veneers, or even with large fillings, these would need to be changed to deliver an even colour and we would do this after the whitening of your natural teeth is completed. Further information, including cost and your suitability for this type of treatment can be discussed during a consultation which can be arranged by contacting us.


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